Chip Turner


A Little History

The EPT in the company name stands for E. P. Turner carrying the nickname "Chip" since birth. An Atlanta resident since 1955 and U.S. Marine Corps active duty in the early 1960's

Chip's background includes multi-industry tenures: Mortgage Loan Origination, Consumer Electronics and Wholesale Travel. A total of over forty five years of solid business experience evolving from marketing and sales.

A lot of the illustrated ideas on this site span over a 14-year period and have been time-tested by many with proven results. Having professional looking material with full-color pictures or superb graphics is worth a thousand words - particularly if there is an associated message that's all tied together with your personal identity on everything you send out!

Consistently conveying the right message will always hit the mark and the results will generally yield a solid return on your marketing material investment.  Just one additional loan can often pay the tab with an ample surplus!